Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stuck Behind Glass

So I am almost finished putting together everything for my upcoming show at Stumpjack. The theme is stuck behind glass so I created about 30 little jar fairies, my crazy shadowboxes and I took my pendants to the next level when creating these little beach find necklaces. They have been so fun! It was one of those things I made that made me realize that a simple process like soldering can be taken in a completely different direction. I am really excited to play with it more today!

It is my very first solo show and will be at Stumpjack starting with an opening on Friday March 28th at 7pm and on display until Mayish. I am very excited send a big thanks to my friends David and Kim for giving me this opportunity! So I would love to see you at the opening! My friend Greg Pagel will be playing some groovy backround music and like always there will be wonderful coffee, wine and atmosphere at Stumpjack!

Oh and by the way I am playing hookie tomorrow so......
don't come to Persimmons on Friday!
My husband has a day off and we really need some time together so thanks for understanding!


David said...

Ok, I love the beach junk pendant...excuse me, "found object beach pendant"...really, that's the cat's meow, sister, and I want one for meself. Especially like the tarnished patina of the framing. Also, make sure to mention (edit) in your post that Greg "Squeezebox" Pagel will be providing the appropriately artsy fartsy musical backdrop for your opening.

Banana-head Pancake said...

those look great! I'd love to see photos of the collection after the show- how exciting, have fun and enjoy friday with you love!