Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great Wall of Tomato!!!

This is crazy. My tomato plants have taken over. There is going to be a whole lotta sauce being made in the Geiser house this year! Can't wait for these babies to ripen. We have black, pink, yellow plum, Mr Stripey, and regular and cherry tomatoes. It is going to make a beautiful tomato basil salad...which is right in front of the wall of tomatoes. Good stuff.
Also worked on some domino doodle pendants recently. Just a few sharpies, white dominoes and rumikin pieces and a little dremmel action and you have these fun little original art pendant, keychain, wine charm....whatever you want them to be. I am thinking the aliens will be a big hit at Sputnikfest...which by the way is September 11 & 12 and you should go.


Artsnark said...

fun doodlies! And I am so drooling over your tomatoes - the heat & then rain killed ours early this year

whyte said...

OH my gosh, I remember when you shared photos of your garden right after planting last spring! I'm so jealous. I tried tomaotoes in FL and can't keep the fungus and bugs off them. Doomed.

Love the charms too, Kim!!

gilstrapdesigns said...

There is nothing like fried green tomatoes. I grew up eating them. Yum Yum