Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun times

Me and Pato Banton at Stumpjack. Pato and the Now Generation played there and it was awesome! Thanks to them for coming to little ol Two Rivers and spreading their love.
We also went to the Manitowoc Company open house. My dad has worked there for 37ish years and I love going and seeing where he works. It amazes me to see what my dad does. It is so complex I can't imagine doing his job. I think it would be a great thing for everyone to tour a factory so they realize the importance of our fantastic labor force in this country and all it takes to make the things we use in everyday life. This picture of Molly is taken next to an unbelievably huge crane they made. I couldn't resist a pic of her in her hardhat with the Manitowoc behind her.
Still a little bit of warm weather ahead to enjoy the weekends but time is winding down. I will cherish all the wonderful weekends we had this summer. We are planning one final week long vacation up north to enjoy the colors and quiet. I long for that quiet and cannot wait!

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Artsnark said...

Some beautiful smiles - fun pics