Thursday, May 27, 2010


What inspires me? Mexican Folk art. All the yummy color and outsider art appeal. I was lucky enough to visit once and it was delicious! Even the homes and buildings make you smile with their vibrant hues. Growing up with an uncle from Mexico may have influenced it a bit as well. My cousins would come home from their yearly trip to Nino's hometown and have such great stories and candy! We would play Loteria all the time with kidney beans as markers and before my Auntie Mary (Nino's wife) passed away last year I was lucky enough to get the set we played with. The best were the visits from Nino's mom and sisters. They spoke very very little English so instead of talking they would just cook. There is seriously nothing better on this planet than tamales made by people who know what the heck they are doing. Glenn made them a few years ago for a party we were having but they were different. Still good but not as good as the pros. Now I collect Mexican Folk art and when the mood strikes me I create art with my own personal flair but heavily influenced by my past and love for the art that is created by the wonderful people of Mexico.

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