Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I love doodling I love painting I love padoodling! I start my padoodles with a vintage framed picture, you know the kind the landscape on a cardboard type material with no glass. I have started to look for really fancy frames and they have been abundant. I just prime the whole thing frame and all. Sometimes I use gesso but usually it is just Kiltz. Then I coat everything with a base coat of acrylic. When it is dry I whip out my ever trusty Sharpie and doodle away. The first doodle is just the basic drawing. If I am feeling a little uncertain I begin with a pencil. After the sharpie I fill the doodle in with paint. I really like the way paint overlaps the lines a little. When all the paint is dry I may go over some of the lines again or not. Then using a white gel pen and a fine tipped roller pen I finish the piece with swirls, words and lines...and walla...a padoodle is born.


Unknown said...

I love your padoodles! (and I love the mesh of the words, ubber catchy!)

risa said...

Wonderful! Fun and colorful! And captures all your energy! Nice job Kim!

Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

OMG LOVE it!!!