Monday, January 10, 2011

Artful wording.

I love words. To me just writing a word the right way is art. Sometimes when I doodle before bed (I know most people read but not me) I get fixated on a word. I will write it 100 times in different handwriting, cursive, printing, block or bubble letters. When I find the right feel for that word I work on how to bump it up even more giving the word the feeling I want it to give. When I get THE word down I come up with a little ditty that has the word in it and do the same with all of those words. Add some doodles (in this case of noodles) a little color and walla you have a little word art. I am hoping to teach this creative word class in a venue or two this year. Actually am even thinking of doing a little retreat right here in Manitowoc in spring. If that sounds fun to you let me know what other classes and what teachers you would like to see in a Midwest affordable retreat! Now go get some paper and doodle your words away!


Unknown said...

I would LOVE a retreat in Manty!!!

Ummm I love to learn more about mixed media. Would love to try working with resin or soldering. Things like that. Keep us in the loop if you start up a retreat!

TesoriTrovati said...

I would be so intrigued to take a class with you. Maybe I could convince my sister to do it with me and we could meet up in Manitowoc! Keep me posted!
Enjoy the day!