Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What is art to you?

Does art only look a certain way? 

I recently commented on a thread on an art writers Facebook. The article referenced a lawsuit against an artist who was recently found guilty of plagiarism because he painted a picture from a photograph found in the newspaper.  My thoughts were that I don't want to live in a world where we have to pay for inspiration. Many others sided with the courts. I saw nothing wrong with differing opinions but dang!  The hoity toitiness of some of the comments just reminded me there is a whole other art scene outside of my happy creative bubble. A whole art world I NEVER want to be any part of. Comments were rude and many have this idea that unless you have mastered your techniques and make art in only an approved matter are you a real artist. Yikes! 

Art is my life. I dress in colors that make me smile. I look up at the sky through the trees with wonder and awe. I examine rocks while combing the beach. I grow flowers and food that inspire my art. I cook with passion. I laugh and cry and get giddy with excitement when I see others creating anything with their hearts. So sometimes I make art but really my life is an art (by the way so is yours) I live for what makes my heart sing and every once in awhile that comes out in a spurt of creativity in the form of a drawing, painting, jewelry, or whatever else strikes my fancy. That feeling that emotion is what makes my art not my technique. 

To me anyone who creates a painting, or a song, or a poem, or a piece of jewelry is an artist. Sure some are better than others but that is irrelivent. If the thing that you create appeals to the masses or just one person it is worthy and you are an artist. Own it and never let anyone tell you different. When you make something new and it excites you you made art.

That's the world I live in. 

So tell me what is art to you? 

Xoxo Kim 


Jan said...

Art has always been my happy place. I don't get to do it as often as some people but when I get to go there it is me, the real me. Jan P

Unknown said...

Kim this completely SCREAMS my exact same sentiments:::
I also own a small art studio, and I am a self-taught happy artist:

Big Hugs,
Kristal of Happy Lark ARt Studio