Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dollar Store Fun!

I saw these little Easter erasers at the Dollar Store yesterday and my mind instantly saw them as stamps. I buy erasers there regularly to use as a base to carve my own designs but these shapes reminded me of the layered screen look I love so much from the 1970's. When I got home I realized my stamp pad selection was pretty weak but I resisted the urge to head out to the craft store and looked in my stash for the juiciest markers I could find. These markers were perfect and bonus they have that nostalgic smell! I just marked the erasers up and stamped them on card stock. 

Since I am a slight pen fanatic and go through sharpies like crazy I thought I'd try out the pens from the dollar store too. There were 3 in a pack. They are great for crafty stuff but no good for art. I used the black felt tip to accent the stamps and give it the retro vibe I was hoping for. What a perfect project for the kiddies for Easter cards! 

Give it a try...you only have to spend a buck or two! 

If you do use this idea share a link in the comments! I'd love to see your projects too! 

Xoxo Kim


Unknown said...

Cuteness, what a great activty!

emily said...

I love how you dressed up those shapes into flowers! I don't know if you are looking for a new project, but I'd love a doodle drawing "how to", maybe you could sell it as a short pdf e-book.

Kim said...

Emily I am going to learn video stuff next week and hopefully soon have video tutorials!