Tuesday, November 17, 2015


In the face of turmoil and unrest let's win with more love. 

Think about your words and actions. 

Jesus in the sense of church wasn't a part of my life because my parents were turned away from organized religion during a period of financial stress. They were told that they couldn't attend mass without contributing to the weekly offering basket. The powers that be thought of the church over the people living paycheck to paycheck and turned away a family and subsequently turned later generations into non believers of organized religion. 

But here's the thing Jesus in the real sense of believing.... never left me. 

Without being confined to the teaching and beliefs of an institution I believe in love and healing through that love. I believe in helping those in need and working through fear .... through that love. 

I struggle sometimes. I lash out and say stupid things, but I always try to get back to love. I get angry and scared about terrorism or bullies or things I don't understand. Getting angry and using hate doesn't make those feelings go away. 

Love does. 

I'm not sure what will happen in the world but I know I'm going to try hard to remember love. I want us to think about what we say and what we do because we can make a change. 

Please share, print, use this picture and allow it to remind us to use our powers for good. 

Peace to our planet. 
Xoxo Kim

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