Monday, April 30, 2007


Look at these fantastic little alphabet cards I found today at The Salvation Army. It was a very good book day I got about 6 great ones. I am addicted to old text books and readers among about 75,000 other things. I look at my shelves and shelves and shelves of stuff and think I really can't buy anything else but every day I do. Oh well. At least my shopping addiction consists of $1 items and not $300 purses!

I got my ATC's from an etsy swap I participated in the other day. It was so much fun opening the package and looking at all the different cards. There were 10 in all. I took a couple of pictures and they didn't turn out the best but it gives you some idea.....
I love getting good real mail.
Just found out my friends David and Kim have a blog for their coffee shop Stumpjack. Check it out! I have raved about the yummy sandwich in an earlier post but I will do it again! I believe my exact description of the veggie panini was yum yum yummy. If you are around Two Rivers you really must stop in for a coffee and a bite!
Ok off to work now all this beautiful weather is inspiring me to make some stuff!

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