Sunday, April 29, 2007

No work all play.

It was the first very summery day here in our part of Wisconsin.

We went to my in-laws in the country and spent a lot of time outside enjoying the sunshine and warm breeze. My mother in -law is an incredible cook so it is always a great treat to eat there! I am lucky, I really married into a very loving and wonderful family. Right up the road there is a farm with a lot of geese and other birds and we saw black swans. I didn't know there was such a creature but they were beautiful. We just had a not much going on all day day and it was nice. Kind of like kissing angels. They live in the store.


David said...

What, the black swans live in the store? I'm confused...

Seriously though, Kim, lovely blog. Very nicely done, short and sweet (you must have an editor yes? How else to explain the unexpected brevity of your usual rambling soliloquies. Ha!

Your pics are fun and sweet, your thoughts delightfully spontaneous, and nice choice of layout and color scheme. Well done, m'lady.

David said...

BTW, added your blog to our friends list on Expect a zillion more hits now that it's listed on our site.