Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fantastic Finds Day

So my car didn't start today again but fortunately my sister came over to go shopping so we took her car. I think I need a new battery. Oh well. We had a fantastic shopping day, as you see in the title. We drove to the thrifts in Sheboygan and found sooooo much good stuff. We hit St Vinnies, Salvation Army, Bethesda, Goodwill and the bead store. Not too bad for only being gone for about 7 hours. We ate lunch at a delish Mexican restaurant El Camino. It was a very authentic and inexpensive meal. I don't even know what I had because I just told the waitress to bring what she wants and she did good. Oh and went to Target too. I do love Target.

So you wanna know what I got? Good because I want to tell you! I got a bag of vintage fabric rag balls (I started crocheting a rag rug already), a ton of great old old books, fab vintage fabric yardage, a scary little vintage santa stuffed toy, a dressform for displays, a few great dishes, some sparkly vintage jewelry, oh and I could keep going. I love these great days. This will be the last whole day shopping trip for a little while because the store will be open on Tuesdays now. It's ok though...I'll save money that way.

Gotta go and watch American Idol..yeah I like it.

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