Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Perfect Productive Lazy Day.

It has just been a very pleasant not too busy but getting a whole lot done kinda day. I bought these white boring shoes awhile ago and intended on prettying them up ages ago. Well in my closet they sat until last night when I picked up a Country Living and they embroidered some Chuck's and wahla ... I was inspired. They really look nothing at all like the ones in Country Living but the idea of embroidering shoes made me want to make them. I have been hoarding vintage fabric for sometime now and decided this project was worthy. I of course only have to use small pieces so it makes it easier. I have a long way to go yet ,I really want to fill those babies up with stuff. I asked Glenn if he liked them and he choose not to answer at all. He did ask if the other one is going to be the same? Yeah I'm guessing not.

So besides my cool shoes we also spent a hefty sum on plants and dirt today at Roorbachs. The planters look just like I wanted them to. I love how they turned out. Hopefully we can make it through the summer without any major destruction!

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