Sunday, June 10, 2007

Crazy Convicts of the Dueno Clan.

So I just found this funny picture in the files and thought I would share. My family is full of crazy people some certifiable (I joke). Really my master sewing granny (in the white) fixes the jail attire for the city. On Easter everyone thought it would be fun to try them on and totally freak out the neighbors. I love my family.
We had fun at the Garden Fair. I saw lots of familiar faces and enjoyed visits with a few old and new friends. We got a few hostas and a very cool wire dress form for the garden. I hung the hose on her and call her the hose ho. Glenn just rolls his eyes at me. I just love community events. I actually was accused of being an annoying cheerleader on the local papers forum (that is full of people who hate living here), that is funny and it made me think about how much I used to think cheerleaders were annoying. Well if loving where I live and trying to spread the love means being annoying YOU RAH RAH
annoying I am!

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