Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What a beautiful sidewalk.

How cool is this?

So this is Tama and Natalee Ihde. They are from Green Bay and Tama's daughter Carli is a contestant in a very cool local talent contest here in Manitowoc...Lakeshore's Rising Stars. It's kinda like American Idol but here. It is a fun and very exciting thing that happens here in our town! Tama came into the store over the weekend and asked if she could come chalk a master painting on the sidewalk and I said of course! Look at this!!! Hopefully the paper comes and takes pictures I did call them. It's making me think this could be a cool thing to do on a regular basis! So thanks Tama and Natalee for chalkin up my sidewalk and good luck Carli!!!!


David said...

Wow...I have thought of doing this not only myself in front of my shop, but also of putting together a competition or contest or powwow of sorts hwere a bunch of people do sidewalk chalk art once or twice each summer in town (both TR and Manty). There's a cat by the name of Julian Beever (I think he's an English guy, though I could be mistaken on that) who does these absolutely amazing optical illusion sidewalk chalk drawings. Google him and be amazed. We should powwow girl, and figure something out to pursue this idea...either that or I'll just do it myself dammit!!!

Persimmons Gal said...

I've seen his work before it is amazing! Lets figure something out I'll give you a call soon.