Wednesday, July 18, 2007

$1 for Devo.

A little shadowbox collage piece I am working on....

Today was pretty fun. I had my little gal today so I decided to take the afternoon off and be with her without having to say no don't touch that 100 times. Persimmons is a very tempting place for a 2 year old. So we went to eat Chinese for lunch. Now we live right by a Chinese place and I love love love the smell of the garlicy oniony greasy nummieness and I crave it often just from that smell but every single time I actually eat it I get sick. When will I learn? After lunch we went to the zoo. We have a great little zoo right on the river here in Manitowoc. It is not huge but has a nice selection of animals and it is FREE. We really like the prairie dogs. Those things are so darned cute! I have pictures but I am too lazy to go and get my camera cord that is downstairs right now so tomorrow. We went to mom's after so Molly could nap and I ended up falling asleep myself. I can't even remember the last time I took a nap. It was nice.

We met tonight for Sputnikfest. It wasn't a huge turnout but we did have a productive meeting. The one thing I can't get over is the price that Devo asks to perform. The festival is going to be a crazy fun unique event so we wanted a headliner band that fit that bill. Well they ask $100,000!!!! EKKKKK. It got us talking and the very creative Barb Bundy Jost came up with the idea of doing a fund raiser $1 for Devo. Love it. So we will see what is going to happen there. We could settle for Georgia Satellites...they run under $10,000.

Well the battery on my laptop is running out so I got to go for now! Have a great night.


David said...

How about "Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen" ... are those guys still around even?

If you're looking for bands with an appropriate name there are also the "Moon-Rays."

But one of my favorites, in both name and in their music (love their stuff) are "Man Or Astro-Man?" These guys are great, and I'm sure charge a helluva lot less than Devo.

Megan said...

Our city park used to have a water fountain JUST like that! I've never seen another one before!

Heather said...

and where do we send our $1 for devo!?