Friday, July 13, 2007

Sputnik on the brain

Busy getting ready for our next Sputnikfest meeting at the Rahr West next Wednesday July 18th. We kind of put the meetings on hold for a month and now it's time to get going on planning and making some fun stuff happen. After talking to some artists at Art Vs Craft in Milwaukee last weekend and making a few contacts with some media people it renewed my excitement for the festival! I can't wait to start the fundraising stuff and just get this thing going! I will for sure keep you updated on what will be happening because you will want to come! By the way it is September 5 & 6 2008...mark your calendars!

Drove all the way (he he) to Two Rivers this morning and the lake was so freakin beautiful today I wanted to play hookie and just sit by the water but I didn't. I did go and get a yummy coffee at Stumpjack and a delish bluberry muffin. I'm thinking that may be a usual Friday thing from now on.


Heather said...

I have never been to Stumpjack...but the way you rave about them, I may have to make a special trip "all the way" to Two Rivers.

Happy Friday the 13th! :)

Mea said...

I biked to TR the other day. I should go to SJ and get something to refuel for the return trip. I may just have to change my usual plans for the Sputnik Fest weekend and stay in town. It sounds UBER fun!