Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Beads beads and more beads.

So I talked to my friend Annette Monday and she mentioned something about a bead show in Green Bay. Even though my hours have been pretty erratic because of my virus and such, I decided I needed to take a couple of hours off and go. The bead store in town is going out of business soon and I have been thinking about getting a few beads here. So I am starting with a small selection of fun and unique semi precious stones. So you can come and design your own jewelry, play at the earring bar or have a jewelry party for you and your friends. Stop on in and check it out.


David said...

An earring bar...?'s this for a concept: an actual bar (like a tavern bar) where one can drink outstanding java (oh, I don't know...say, Stumpjack Coffee...) or a cocktail, whilst picking and choosing various cool beads from trays and displays and creating bracelets and necklaces (even ankle bracelets for men!).

The Stumpjack Bead Bar. Yea baby.

Persimmons Gal said...

Yeah except tiny little beads being dropped on the floor by drunk people. Otherwise yes it is a fantastic idea.