Saturday, September 1, 2007

HeHeHe I'm a little creepy clown.

I went to Stumpjack yesterday with my friend Chris from Outside the Box Gallery in Sheboygan. It was a nice little coffee break. We stopped at St Vinnie's in Two Rivers and I got a great little Dick and Jane book.. but that's all. Chris found an old bingo game and gave me the wood pieces:). We went to the Manitowoc Vinnie's too and I spent $28! I haven't been there for over a week so I found a lot of cool stuff including this creepy little clown. I am for sure making cards with this guy on.


L said...

He is a little creepy, but in a happy way. ;)

[nancy + andy] said...

He reminds me of a Jeff Koons - without the sassy gold trimmings :)

David said...

Thanks for swinging by, was nice to meet your friend, Chris...she seems like a fun, upbeat and joyful spirit. Thanks for helping to make the morning fun.

Don't forget about my bracelet. I might stop over tomorrow to Persimmons to get it and buy some more unnecessary but fun stuff (I can't help myself!).