Wednesday, October 3, 2007

On Vacation!

So we leave tomorrow morning for VACATION. Oh it has been a long time. I will be closed Thursday 10-4 thru Tuesday 10-10. Except on Saturday 10-6 Annette and my sister Kelly will be working for Oktoberfest. We are going to Glenn's sister Joelle's wedding in Baraboo on Friday night...visiting friends...and then??? We really loved living there so it will be fun to take Molly to places we loved like Devils Lake and Java Cafe our favorite coffee shop. I love visiting our old friends. So after Sunday we will decide if we will stay in Baraboo or drive wherever the road takes us. I am happy. We found a great friend Lindsay to take care of our house and Holly so there is nothing to worry about there. Of course it is super busy today in the store which it never ever is on Wednesdays and it is making me feel guilty to close but I think I will get over it.
This morning a very delightful woman named Holly came into my store and we got to talking. She retired recently from teaching and got a really neat idea for these candles she had been buying for years from a man that lives in her area. They have this very neat all the way through glowing quality that is quite beautiful. He sold them as plain candles but she thought it would be great to funk them up a bit and here she is. She showed me her preliminary design for the packaging and a few of the actual candles and it is a beautiful line. Check out her website here black and light co. She is still working on all of it but I think she will do well. So good luck Holly.
So I am bringing my computer but am not sure if I will be connected so like my store my blog will be on vacation for a few days! Enjoy the weekend and I will catch up next Wednesday!


Artsy Momma said...

Have a great vacation!!! You deserve it! also those candles look amazing!

David said...

"Java Cafe our favorite coffee shop"...???!!! Why you two-timin', cheap, double dealin', back stabbing, heartless, crafty mofo!!! Damn, damn, damn!! Yea, that's right...and everyone who looks like you too!!!

Have a nice vacation now...
love and kisses,