Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Accident Prone Day.

I made a whole mess of $15 pendant necklaces strung on waxed linen and using a button for a clasp yesterday. I was going to list this one on etsy but couldn't really figure out a good way to photograph it so it will just be in the store. Look at the bosom on that angel! It is an old Cracker Jack charm. I paired it with turquoise and a few vintage millinery flowers. It's cute. And only 15 bucks!

I had one of those mornings this morning that gave me a lot of signs I should maybe stay home. When I was in the shower washing my face I rammed my pinkie up my nostril....OWCH. Then while putting on my mascara I poked my eye and then got mascara all over my face. Luckily so far nothing else to bad has happened since then but man that sucked. I haven't really gotten much accomplished today mostly because I am afraid I will stab myself or burn myself with solder. Oh well tomorrow is another day!

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Kate said...

I've done that mascara trick one too many times, so I just don't wear it anymore. Instead I stick with liquid liner, and let me tell you, OWW..that hurts even more.