Friday, December 7, 2007

So much to talk about so little time.

First of all I should be getting ready for Santa tomorrow, paying bills, cleaning my studio or doing boring paperworky type stuff but no I choose to blog instead. A nice customer Kathy thought of me when cleaning out her parents house and brought me a huge load of fun stuff. Old books and patterns, puzzles, trucks, toys of all sorts, clothing, and fun spice tins. She thought of me. I feel so special. It was fun to look through boxes of treasures.(see below) I found a lot of good stuff I will be able to put to good use! Perhaps things to make more little silly guys like Tom pictured above. I named him after this man Tom Drill who is by far one of the kindest most giving people I have ever known and ever will. He is the King of all bell ringers here in matter the weather you will find him on the corner of 8th and Jay ringing the giving bell and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Oh and no matter how many years ago you met him he knows your name. He is amazing and a true asset to this community. Anyhow I love him and I love this little guy so I named him Tom...thanks Heather for the suggestion. I have really been a glitteraholic lately. Putting it on everything and having lots of fun making these very victorian feeling ornaments. Oh so so so so so much fun. So if you see a trail of glitter follow it and you will find me.

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miznyc said...

that little lady with the birdy is so cute :) It reminds me of all my parent's Christmas ornaments. They love handmade!