Sunday, December 9, 2007

A visit with the big man.

Santa came to the store Saturday. It was a lot of fun. Molly was pretty amazed mostly because Santa talked. He stayed for an hour and only a few families came so most of the time was devoted to Molly. He read her The Night Before Christmas and showed her a few of his favorite puppets and even left her a book as an early Christmas gift. It was a good thing. I think I will invite him to come 2 hours next year and make it a big Christmas celebration!
All that Santa got us in the mood for decorating so we went to Stumpjack for some coffee today and then to get our tree. We opted for the Charlie Brown tree area and found this beauty for only $18. I was shocked to see some of the trees were going for $70! Ouch. Anyhow the lights are on now and after I finish this post I will decorate the tree with my vintage striped ornaments. I love the old shiny brites but have limited my collection to only ones with stripes on them. I love my clear ones that came from war times when metal was in short supply. They came with paper tops but all of mine have been replaced with the typical metal tops. So off I go! I will post the finished tree tomorrow!


Kate said...

Oh! Your tree is lovely!

I can't wait to see pictures of it with the ornaments on it.

David said...

That's a great-looking tree...and a really great photo too (looks kind of vintage...almost has an early 60s patina to it).