Monday, February 4, 2008

How do you display your ATC's?

So here is a clever little idea I have come up with to display ATC's. I just put a magnet on a rigid card holder and wahla...a great magnet. I love collecting them and have so many cool ones so this way I can hang them anywhere a magnet works. I just put them in the etsy shop and get a free ATC in it plus an extra with any purchase! Only $5 and available on etsy or lots more in the store.

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Mea said...

I'm feeling especially smug about making three needle felted ATC's just this evening. I think I needed the stress relief (and really, what relieves stress more than jabbing at something with pointy, barbed needles?). Of course I had to add some glitter to them--glitter improves EVERYTHING (that isn't edible).