Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tag...I'm it.

So getting tagged reminded me that my friend Tina tagged me a few weeks ago and I forgot to pay it forward...opps. Oh well this time it was my new favorite named blog Banana Head Pancake...see previous post. So I guess I need to purge 7 things about me so here it goes...

1. I tried to play guitar hero for the first time this weekend and failed miserably. Molly did better than me.

She's 3

2. I would love love love to have a little cafe someday and serve homemade soup and fresh bread and loose teas and whatever other yummy thing I decided to make.

3. I once met the Tom Jones and made fun of his name because I didn't know it was the Tom Jones.

4. I am a complete slob in my studio/work space.

5. I wear totally unmatching socks a lot and don't care who sees.

6. I bite my nails...stopped for a few years when I had braces but as soon as those babies came off I was right back at it.

7. I am living my dream life. I have a perfect (almost) husband, a beautiful little girl, a business and building I never would have imagined, great funky friends, involved in some fantastic community projects I am very proud of and a totally cute dog to boot. I am lucky lucky lucky!

So I am tagging David, Kate, Out of Character (don't know this person but the blog makes me pee), Gracie Designs, Sillyboodilly, Tina Kugler, Jintrinsique

So you lucky folks get to post 7 things about you on your blog and than link 7 people you want to hear more about. Let them know by commenting on their blogs! It is fun.

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jin said...

Sorry I'm late to the par-tay but I'll get on it asap!

...and what is this Spring Art Tour you speak of? Tell me more! Feel free to email me if you'd like, addy's in my profile.