Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Youth Art Month

It's that time of year again at the Rahr West Museum and I love it. How inspiring to walk into rooms and rooms filled with children's art. I love seeing the freedom and expression of kids... especially the little ones. It seems to me that 4th grade is about the "peak" where the kids still have individuality but some better skills. I tried to pick three pieces that really spoke to me and here they are. I am not including the kids names for obvious reasons.

I love this house... Maybe not for the actual construction but the message. We have a large Hmong population in Manitowoc and the kids are so super talented it is amazing! In a world where you have to look just like everyone else to be accepted it can be tough for these kids to fit in in a predominately white community. I think it is unfortunate that kids feel they need to cover their heritage and that is what this piece portrayed to me. It was basically saying I can cover my eyes...dye my hair but behind it all I am still Hmong. I was really touched by it when I noticed on the side where it was signed she wrote thanx mom and dad.

This one is so fantastic. I think it was a 4th grader who created this one. I love love love it and actually may inquire on purchasing it.
This one is a 1st grader! Yeah 1st grade. How wonderful is this picture. Who doesn't love a juggling snowman?
So if you haven't gone yet GO! It is really one of my favorite things all year. Thanks to all the talented kids and great teachers who bring that creativity out!


Victoria said...

I love these pieces! What a poignant message contained in the first piece. The second piece is delightful, and can you say "prodigy" for the third piece?!! (First grade!!) Wow.

Kate said...

This is amazing. Thanks for sharing!