Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Great ATC exchange.

So David and I were talking about ATC's and how cool they are and how we would love people who live around these parts to get into them so we could do some trading. I thought about it and came up with the idea for the great ATC exchange. We are going to do the first of many? at Stumpjack. We will hang a wire of some sort on the wall and then clothespin the cards on the wire along the walls. There will be a display section where the cards are just to look at but then there will be a section where you can create a card and bring it in and take one you like off the wall and replace it with yours. Fun huh? The opening will be on May 23rd with good times and music by the very talented Kerry Micheals. So if you make these tiny works of art and would like to be included in this fun display at Stumpjack just leave a comment, email me or just send them to the store... (address on the right) This is one of mine.
A great friend Susan Murtaugh just dropped off 41 cards that she did and 9 that her super talented son Alex did. I love that woman! I actually confessed to her that I want to kiss her because she is so giving and kind to me. It made me think of this post by ChristopherandTia (one of my new favorite blogs to read) I figure we should have about 200 cards to start the show so with all of those we are well on our way! These cards are so fun because you can use whatever medium you want as long as your card measures 2.5 * 3.5. I have cards from all over the world and in all mediums from metal to fabric to collage to photography. I also have ATC night the first Thursday of most months so if you live here come on Thursday and make some for the show! See you then!


David said...

Actually, it should be known that I invented the "ATC" acronym, although it originally signified "Artists Trading Coffee" and the concept was that artists would all network and with each other via cups of coffee. For example, if one of us had an opening reception at a gallery somewhere then everyone would show up with a cup of hot coffee in hand, and then spend the evening trading sips of coffee from each other's cups.

Well, it turned out not to be such a practical idea as I first envisioned ("What a stupid idea! You stupid idiot!" is how Kim described it I think). You know, it didn't take long for everyone's coffee to get cold, people were spilling it all the time, there was the issue of drinking out of a cup that 50 other people had been drinking out of, and some people were PO'd that nobody brought biscotti...it was kind of a mess actually.

So Kim, in her usual tactful and considerate way suggested to me, "This is bullcrap! Artist Trading Cards would be a better idea than this, you moron!" And so, seeing that she might have a point, I agreed to abandon the Artists Trading Coffee idea and let ATC stand for Artist Trading Cards.

I still think that Artist Trading Coffee has potential though...

Mea said...

What a SUPER DUPER cool idea!!!