Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My dear friend Julie

Just emailed me the following holidays she thought I would have fun celebrating. I miss her so much and man does she know me well...imagine the fun you can have on cherry popsicle day!!! So watch for wacky Persimmons promos to go with these wacky days!

March 1 - Pig Day Greetings
May 17 - Happy Pack Rat Day
May 10 - Clean up your room Day
July - National Ice Cream Month
August 3 - Watermelon Day
August 7 - Friendship day
August 7-12 Scrabble Week
August 26 - National Cherry Popsicle Day
November 3 - National Men Make Dinner Day
December 26 - National Whiner's Day


tina kugler said...

every day is national whiner's day in my house!

The Bag Lady's Art said...

I'm voting for national men make dinner, day! I was on etsy and saw your blog posted on the mixed media chat. Very nice! Love your banner!!
Pam Carriker,

David said...

I live in a house with four think every day at YOUR house is national whiners day!?!It's freaking drama central around here!

able mabel said...

I'm liking the National Men Make Dinner Day! What a fun holiday!

I do get lucky every once in a while and my husband will make dinner. Not as often as he used to. I'll have to mark that day on the calender and have him "put his apron on".

Andrea said...

LOL! I love this list! =*^.^*=

Random note- I've been putting some of your events on the WIST calendar here: ...

If you'd like to start adding them yourself, I've posted "how to" directions in the WIST forum here: .

*grins* I had no idea that you offered Thursday workshops!