Monday, July 14, 2008

So isn't she cute?

I am not quite sure what is going on with my little peanut lately. She is sooooooo sassy! Up until a couple of weeks ago my dear child never had a freak out in a store. I would brag to other mothers about how perfect she is in public places. Sure she had minor breakdowns but nothing major. Well not anymore. We can't take her anywhere lately without her fake crying and screaming and pitching a fit. I am sure she is just testing us trying to figure out how much she will get away with but you would think after weeks of time outs and leaving places she would get it. Tonight we went for a walk along the lake. All was well when she saw some kids in the lake. She started saying she wanted to go in the water. We said no we are going for a walk tonight and it was just a little too cold anyway. She kept up and kept up and started screaming louder and louder the further away we got from the lake. At one point she was saying she couldn't breath. She proceeded to scream the entire 20 minutes home. We got home and got her ready for bed all while screaming. I put her in her bed and within 5 minutes she was sleeping sitting straight up. Obviously deliriously tired but she won't take naps. We really need to figure this out because man o man.
Advice please.
By the way even though she really tested me tonight it is amazing how when she tried to apologize by saying mommy I love you over and over it made my heart melt.

Oh and I can't believe I put a picture of me without makeup on the internet...oh well.


kg said...

Oh the joys of motherhood! Luckily, she's so cute...I'm sure that helps a little in times like these.

p.s. You look adorable without makeup, you dweeb!

Kate said...

Oh boy. Just wait for the teen years.

Helen said...

Ohhhh, the perils of motherhood! She's definitely testing you and all kiddies are going to do that at some point and often, several points, in their lives.
You just have to be firm and not cave, which I suppose is hard because she's so darn cute.
They do grow weary of doing it just as fast as we grow weary of listening to it.
My kids were notorious for leaving their bikes in front of the house where people could trip over them. They were told over and over to put them away when they were done with them. When DH came home from work one day and fell over one, the bikes went in the back of a garbage truck and the kids watched them get crushed. Cruel as it sounds, my kids from that day on have picked up after themselves.
So... follow through. That's the key.

Linda Crispell said...

You have a great Etsy shop! How far is your town from Chicago? I would love to go to the Sputnik Art Fair!

P.S. You can take up heavy drinking until she is out of the phase.

Persimmons Gal said...

Hey Linda we are not too far from Chicago. I think it would be like a 2 hour drive.

Funny you should mention drinking because I have been doing a lot more of that lately.

LeaKarts said...

Haha to the drinking comment! Oh, man, I do NOT miss the tantrums! My daughter used to have them in public, and this is what I did: Once, she was FREAKING out in the supermarket, on the floor, screaming, crying, pounding the floor. I said, "take your time, I'll be over here." I turned away from her and pretended to take a very deep interest in the nearest display, ignoring her completely. People were looking at me like I was crazy, but once she realized she wasn't getting any attention she cut it out! She only did it maybe one or two more times, I reacted the same way, and she cut it out.

You are BOTH so cute by the way :)

Kathy~Vintage Snaps & Scraps said...

Little Miss is turning into a Drama Queen, But she is a beauty. Mama too.
Funny story tho!