Sunday, July 27, 2008

Special Orders.

I love em...but I hate em. I am not a planning type of person. I just love going with an idea and letting it take the project where it goes. Special orders sometimes just make me have to plan and it is very unnatural for me. This was a project I have been trying to get started on for a couple of months but have just been too busy to start. This week I had a couple of days to work on it and ended up finishing it in a couple of hours. I was a little worried because I told the customer I would show her pictures before I finished but I didn't. It is always a little scary not knowing if the person is going to like your finished product or not. Well she LOVED them...whoooo. Made me feel really good and now it is done!


Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

Wow! Those turned out great! I really like the color in them.

Very impressive.

PCarriker said...

They turned out great! I totally know what you mean about custom orders-lol! It's so much less stressful to just create art and if someone likes it, they buy it.

David said...

I agree, those are great! Seems that "great" is the word of the day.


Special orders stress me out. You did a wonderful job - they came out great.