Thursday, July 31, 2008


I made this new little beauty last week and have it listed in my etsy shop. I thought it would be a good picture to go with the story of our trip to the beach this weekend. We went to Stumpjack for our Sunday morning coffee and decided to stop at the beach in Two Rivers. It was stunning! So clean and soooo many people. We were kind of bummed that we didn't have our suits so we went home to get them and then decided to try the beach in Manitowoc. I wish we wouldn't have gone to Two Rivers first because it kind of kicks Manitowoc beaches butt. Ours had lots of seagull droppings and ciggie butts. Made me sad and want to form a group to clean it up. I actually think I am really going to do it. So if you read this and are interested in helping come in and see me so we can talk about it!


Denise said...

heck, the computer ate my comment! I love the necklace but the idea for a beach clean up is great too! The refuge here has regular clean up days but the grandbaby and I bring a bag with us when we go and do a mini-clean up patrol..

Sarah said...

If I lived a little closer I would help you clean up the beach! Nice necklace though and I love the facade of your store. Glad I found somebody in Wisconsin that seems to share several similar interests & goals. Good luck, Sarah

tina kugler said...

1. holy cripes i love love love that necklace. WANT.
2. contact the marnier's trail people!! i don't think the city of manitowoc is even aware it HAS beaches. seriously neglected. did you see my post-it about the seagull poop?
i also think they should put a little playground (with decent equipment) in the green space just to the north of the yacht club (by the picnic area, there's already benches & parking). hey do you think we could raise $15k for it?

beth said...

Ooooo I love that color combo..very nice. I really enjoy your imagination.

Will you be offering any classes this fall ? I live in Madison but would totally be up for a road trip to check out your darling shop, it looks right up my alley....maybe I'll check out Sputnikfest too. You can never have too much Americana kitch.