Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Home is where you are.

Just finished this little assemblage. I found the wood box at St Vinnie's the other day and knew it could be something great. The theme is Home is where you are. In the bottom heart I used a technique from Jane Ann Wynn's book Altered Curiositites. Holy crap if you haven't seen that book yet you need to go and get it.
For this part I used a little nest I found on one of my walks.
And for this one I fashioned a little nest out of wire.
It was fun..but bad news...while I was typing my sleeve caught it and it fell on the floor and the bottom egg broke. I guess it will be eggs for supper tonight.


Lucy said...

awww..sorry about the eggs breaking! I absolutely love what you've done, it's fabulous!


Oh no.....not broken !!

you really have such a knack for assemblage....this is terrific.

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

Another gorgeous assemblage! Wish I had your eye for 3-d arrangements!

Wynn Studio said...

Thank you for mentioning me...*blush*

SO glad you are having fun and being uber-creative lately! HUZZAH!


PCarriker said...

This is so wonderful! I have such a soft spot for birdies, nests and eggs. Speaks to my mother's heart.

beth said...

Nice work. I love it that you are always up for trying a something new.

I am off to treasure hunt today. St Vinnies and the Dig and Save.
Oh..LOVE the Day of the Dead earrings you added to your shop. very cool.

Victoria said...

It looks just fantastic!
(I am so sorry about the broken eggs.)

teresa said...

this "ROCKS". i have that book & can look at it for hours & see something new. you go-girl!!!!

Nature's Corridor said...

This is amazing, I love your work. I will have to stop by your shop one of these days.

missknits said...

wow that really turned out so cute!