Thursday, October 2, 2008

A good day.

So I got Jesused today. I got in my car and there were little God books in my cupholder. I love that you people love Jesus but you basically broke into my car to spread that love. I felt violated.

I took a drive to Sheboygan today to the Kohler Art Center (amazing place). I need to go back because they have a assemblage/collage exhibit right now that made me get crazy huge goosebumps. But I went to meet Faythe Levine and Courtney Heimeral the authors of the new book Handmade Nation. I have been following Faythe's DIY journey for a couple of years now and looking forward to her documentary coming out. We got a little sneak peak tonight and it looks fabulous. I felt very at home watching it and seeing other people like me with nice messy studios and crazy ideas. Make sure to go get your copy of the book as soon as you can. And support this movie by shopping in the etsy shop!


tina kugler said...

uhh...isn't there a "thou shalt not break into thy neighbor's car?"
do they still have the mary nohl stuff up at kohler? she's my fave.

David said...

If Jesus drove a car he would drive a 1937 Chevy pickup or a 1939 Ford pickup barrel nose...they'd look a little used but would run cherry. And he'd be PO'd that someone would be messing with someone else's car.

createitcottage said...

I can't believe they went into your car. What nerve! That book looks pretty interesting. I'll have to add it to my amazon wishlist. Christmas is coming!!