Monday, September 8, 2008


Sarah's lovely frocks thanks to my sister Kelly...they won 3rd place!!!
The great crowd. There were thousands!!! Thanks everyone for coming! The art fair was so much fun and so eclectic. The festival goers really enjoyed the great selection of arts and crafts. One of the artists also won the tin foil costume contest!!! Just fun stuff!
Molly and Kevin aliens.
A little cutie with her new friend.
The Miss Space Debris ladies. It was a tough decision to pick a winner here. The lovely lady wearing the pink boots was the winner.

Thanks to everyone who made this very fun new event a huge success! It was just an all around wonderful day here in Manitowoc and it would never have happened without the hard work of dozens of wonderful community minded people! Barb Bundy Jost is a true superstar of this community! A huge thank you to all of the staff at the Rahr West Museum. Without you this crazy little idea would have never become the out of this world fun event it did. I am so looking forward to the future of Sputnikfest! If you were there let me know what you liked about it and even maybe what you didn't...let's make Sputnikfest 2009 even better!!!!

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Helen said...

Your hair looks great red! The fest looks like it was a lot of fun!!

I miss my Sconnie life