Thursday, December 4, 2008

A time to love.

I don't often like to express my opinions on things that may offend others on my blog. I like to try and keep it light and happy but I saw something today that just made me cry and feel sorry for all of us. A man was killed at Walmart on Black Friday. The HUGE man...I believe they say he was 6-4 and about 275 pounds suffocated as 1,500 people piled into the store to get their "great deals". Yeah they crushed him and he died. Opps sorry didn't notice the man lying on the floor because I had to get my big screen tv. It hurts my heart. It hurts not just because of what happened but what we have become.

As Christmas gets closer I hope everyone remembers what it is really all about. It is not about giving someone something that they may love to get but in 5 years or less will forget about. I don't know about you but I don't remember what I got 3 years ago for Christmas but I do remember being with the people I love and the look on my little girls face when she saw the lights on the trees and snow on the ground for the first time. That I will never forget.

Let's just try to treat each other a little kinder and think about others instead of just ourselves all the time. Please.



Well said, have your priorities straight! Blessings to you for a joyous Christmas :)

Renee said...

I know, such a horrible tragedy. I feel for that man's family.

Lucy said...

When I heard about that tragic incident, my heart sunk, too. A life for a TV? It doesn't make sense one bit. I was a manager for Kmart for several years and I understand how it happened. The corporate office basically does nothing for these stores to help with crowd control-they send you the ad and you just deal with the people and product the best you can with what you have. I had a lady knocked down and ran over by a shopping cart pushed by an over zealous customer and believe me, there was nothing I could have done to control the crowd better than we did. Luckily she wasn't hurt bad, but obviously things could have turned the other direction in a heart beat.

Yes, so many have truly lost the meaning behind the season. It's about togetherness, family, friends, and of course based on your religion--spiritual aspect of the holiday as well.

Sorry for venting... :)