Friday, January 2, 2009


Happy New Year!

I am excited for changes this year. I have decided to spend more time working on my art career and playing with Molly. My store will only be open on Thursdays and Fridays 11-7 and some Saturdays. Some may think that seems like I am closing but most will understand it is because I have been having so much success in my other selling venues that I need to start focusing on other ways to get myself out there! Having to be at the store 6 days a week all year long is just not allowing me to grow as I know I can with a little more flexibility. Plus if I want to take Molly to the zoo on a Tuesday I can do that now. She will only be little once and I don't want to miss out and having fun with her anymore. Coming with me every Saturday at the store is stressful for both of us and we just yell at each other all day and I don't want that to be her only memory of spending time with me.

So watch for changes in Persimmons. I will be cutting way back on consignment to just include less than a dozen of the big sellers. The sellers I hope to keep although I haven't talked to all of them yet are....
Kate Gadd Glass
Emily Kircher Recycling Artist
The Glitterworkshop (Naomi Richardson)
Crazy Times Candles
Gracie Designs
5 Bees Soap
Jes Switaj
Annette Wimmer
Alex Murtaugh
Sarah Lamers
Sara Schuetze

I am also hoping to have a few more classes and open crafting. Like I envision a lot less finished stuff and a few couches so people can come and knit or crochet with friends and maybe a membership to come and craft using all of my tools. This may not happen right away as there are a lot of things to consider for that but I do know this is the start of an evolution. I am very excited for this change and all the things it will bring.

I really hope my local customers can understand and embrace this change and learn to adapt to the new hours. I hope to have special events for my shoppers at least every quarter so watch the blog for more information on those things. You can also email me to get on my email/snail mailing list at

Thanks to all of my readers and customers and I hope your 2009 is as full of possibility and excitement as mine is!!


Victoria said...

Best wishes for 2009!!

ArtSnark said...

Sounds like you know just what you need - good for you! Have fun with your little one & hope this year brings much health, wealth & happiness!

Melissa said...

Happy New Year & Best Wishes for a very prosperous 2009!

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

Best of luck with your vision for Persimmons in 2009! It sounds like a wonderful plan...I hope it brings you much success.

Lucy said...

I know this is a decision you've wrestled with but it sounds like it really is the best for you and your art career. I think if you make a big splash every so often like a trunk show of sorts and perhaps include others that aren't selling on a regular basis as well as other crafty events or teaching events, you will have found the best of all worlds.

Time with your little one will go quickly, enjoy it while you can. I am already having growing pains for the same reason...all that I've missed along the way.....

My best to you!