Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Dude how great is this moustache? New this year is digital copies of my images!!! How fun is this? You buy the image from my etsy shop.... See the left side bar....and then use it for whatever you want. Kind of like buying really cool clip art. But there is a twist. I will show you fun things to do with the clip art right here on the blog! Some of the ideas off the tip top of my head?????....tattoos, invitations, screen printing, journal pages, scrapbooking, cardmaking, prints for you and friends, water slide decals, print on fabric, oh man the ideas are ENDLESS! So $5 buys you that image for personal use but what if you want to use the image to SELL tshirts or coffee mugs? No problem. I have got you covered. Message me and I will create a listing for small business use for only $20! Why more? Well because you will be making money off my creation and I think that deserves a little more than $'s only fair. And then if you are a big time company who produces large quantities of great looking products you can contact me for Full Rights to the images! My email is just in case there are any big time places reading this right now. :) All that I ask of you my lovely blog readers and customers, is that if you do buy an image please do not share it with friends....send them to my Etsy. I can't keep doing all of this without the money love and if it goes well I really want to start a website of my very own!

The reason I got this big surge of motivation is that we are moving!!!! We found a dreamy little...well big...mid-century gem just 20 miles from Manitowoc on the outskirts of a little village on Lake Michigan. Because we still own the property on N 8th in Manitowoc the budget will be a little tight and it is a whole lotta house to furnish so I need your help. For the cost of a latte you can buy my art now in a new and modern format. Think of this as clip art or a digital rubber stamp. As I prepare to move I will also be listing original art and jewelry in my Etsy. So help a girl out will ya? I promise to be eternally grateful to you. xxxxxxx

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