Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I made this piece a few months ago and it is finally happening! We are uprooting!

I am looking forward to a fresh start. We will have room to move, enough land for a real garden, lots of rooms for friends to visit, and a huge awesome art apartment that will house my studio and room for friends to stay and play! It is all happening! I have been so so so fortunate over the years to have a husband that supports us and allows to me soar with my creative self. The building in Downtown Manitowoc (it is for sale by the way) is awesome and it was a dream I never thought would happen, but it is time to move on. To live in peace and quiet and be a little more in touch with simplicity and sustainability. To shed these unfounded feelings of inadequacy that seemed to have re-enter my life when we moved back here. I am thinking it may have to do with being super duper bullied when I grew up here?...darn bullies. I liked... no loved the small town warm fuzzy I felt all the time in Baraboo and had a few of those moments here that I will cherish forever but overall there was more fight than flourish for me. I don't want to fight anymore I want to live and enjoy life!

 I will post lots and lots of pictures when we do move and I will be sure to let everyone know when the studio is set up and ready for you all to come and play! I am thinking classes will start again in April and am taking all requests now! What do you want to learn and who do you want to learn it from? I have so many friends all over the country who may come to teach you if they know you want to learn from them so name names of those mixed media superstars! I want an excuse to bring them here and you can help. :)


Kathryn Costa said...

Good luck with your move! I just discovered your blog and it is so inspiring. I love doodling, collage, photography, mixing the media, etc. My heart beat a little heavier when I read that you were bullied...I want to give you a big hug. Since I'm here and you are there, I'll send you a {soul hug} instead. All the best beautiful!

Elisabet said...

Uprooting is no small task by any stretch of the imagination but it sounds like you are going to a good place! I just found your blog from the Art is...You blog in case you are wondering. I am so excited that I found you... I'm looking forward to visiting and reading all about your art as well as your big moving adventure. Here is to hoping that everything goes smoothly and you get your art studio all set up quick as a bunny! LOL! Hugs for now,
Beth P

Kate said...

Good luck on your move, Kim! I hope it's everything you and your family need. Can't wait to see pictures!