Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When did that happen?

So I am a self admitted Internet junkie. Facebook is my crack .... along with maple syrup and sharpies ... but back to the Internet. It is a wonderful wonderful tool. The information is mind blowing. The world is really at our fingertips and that is, well, amazing. I have found friends, made friends, been inspired, been challenged, learned about myself and others and shared my work which has allowed me to partake in opportunities that would not have been possible just a few short years ago...again... AMAZING!

So here is my problem. The Internet has also been something else to me. Something very very different and actually the opposite of amazing. It has made me realize that we all have become very opinionated (NOT excluding myself at all!) and kind of mean when it comes to others. I try very hard to only post positive messages and share things that I feel really strongly about but I find myself being more and more bombarded with messages of negativity from friends who I don't want to think of that way.

I don't want to be seen that way. I don't want to put down others to pick myself up. I don't want to label a whole group of people to make myself feel better about my position on issues. I want to be able to talk without everyone taking it personally and I want to be able to do the same...because like everyone I do take things personally. I wonder if when I post my thoughts if there are people out there who thing that I am negative when really I try to always come from a place of understanding.
I want to not care and care all at the same time.

Do you get it?

So how do you get over this age of wayyyyy too much information? What have you done to speak your mind but still be kind? Is it possible to love each other and disagree completely? Some of my favorite friends have different opinions than I but we can talk about it and still respect each other.
Is there a way to do that online or do we just have to become numb to the negativity and like everything else in life just choose to see the good?

Share your thoughts please!


Jennifer Brandt said...

I think people are much more apt to be abrupt on the Internet than they would be in person. We call it "keyboard courage". When I see a heated discussion on Facebook, message board or whatever, I read everyone's thoughts and don't comment. My friends and family know what I believe and stand for. Arguing the topic on a social media forum is always tempting when it's something I am passionate about but rarely changes opinions.

Stay positive and keep making that amazing art!

Thomas A. Marino said...