Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be Brave

The fabulous art that you see was a spontaneous and unique piece I made from the Be Brave digital download. It took me less than an hour and was very easy. I printed out the digital download on my home printer and used regular copy paper. I trimmed the edges of the standard letter size paper. One thing you will notice about my craft projects is that they are quick and easy.

The supply list for this project:

sheet of copy paper (Letter size)
acrylic craft paint (3 colors of your choosing)
paint brush
plastic palette or plate with dividers
picture frame
scrapbook paper for matte border
glue or double sided tape

The process:
1. Print out digital image from Persimmons Studio on standard letter size copy paper. Trim edges if necessary.
2. Pick three colors of acrylic craft paint in contrasting colors.
3. Mix water and paint to a very translucent consistency. I recommend having a scrap sheet to test the water's dilution.
4. I started by painting the edges and the background. I didn't worry about bleeding over the lines. I tried to make the outer edges darker than the middle to create the illusion of depth. Then swiped some stripes over the top of the background color. All of this was done using the same color.
5. Next I painted a few accent in the watercolor red, then the letters in a blue.
6. Once finished I laid a few heavy books on top of the image to prevent the paper from becoming wavy from the moisture. It doesn't take very long to dry.
7. Once dry I used double sided tape to affix the "be brave" image to the scrapbook paper to simulate a matte border. Placed in frame and hung on the wall.

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