Friday, September 12, 2014

Sunshine and Coffee with Leah!

We asked you to do some projects with our downloads and a few brave souls dug in and really made some phenomenal projects. One of those wonderful ladies was my friend Leah. Isn't she adorable? Her necklace was a project with a download too but we will share that one a little later! For this project she chose the Sunshine and Coffee print and wait until you see the results! Look for tutorials and project ideas from our customers every week. Oh and if you want to make this easy and fun  project the link to buy the print is at the end of this post!

My name is Leah Norem and I am a stay at home mom to two boys ages eleven and six.  They are wonderful and unique, and I adore them. They make my life exciting and never leave a dull moment.  We also have four cats.
I haven’t met a hobby that I didn’t like.  I love making things with my hands and enjoy the process as much as the finished product.
You can find more about Leah here.....


Project 1 - **painted Sunshine and Coffee sign**

Sunshine and Coffee digital download
wood board
Sunshine and Coffee image printed on plain paper with toner

gel medium (Golden)

acrylic paint/brushes

oil based marker (Sharpie)

jute twine cord (Bevis Rope)


I primed a wood board with gesso in the area I wanted the image.

With a toner based printer, I printed a copy of the Sunshine and Coffee digital image on plain paper.

Since the image has words on it, I had to mirror the image before printing. 

I spread gel medium on the image and applied it to the prepared board. 

Once it dried for a few hours, I held the image under running water and rubbed the paper off and allowed the wood to dry. 

I used acrylic paint to paint the image and an oil based marker to outline the words and images. 

After the paint was dry, I trimmed the wood board to the size I wanted with a circular saw, drilled some holes, and used twine cord to hang it.
YAY!!!! Go Leah! WE love this project so much!
You can purchase Sunshine and Coffee from our shop HERE!

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