Sunday, March 15, 2015



I like to say I have tried all mediums and sampled all supplies but I'm such a liar. Never have I tried and only until recently have I even heard of Gouache. I don't really know what makes this paint do what it does but I kind of love it. I didn't spend much, just under $10 on a student kit with my 40% off coupon at my local Hobby Lobby. I didn't really know what it was so I didn't want to go all crazy right away. 

It's likely that is going to happen. 

I LOVE it! It's kind of a mix between acrylic and watercolor. I tried it straight up on my art journal that had a coat of gesso. It is thick and creamy and covered very well. To blend I just got my brush a little wet and the colors mixed beautifully. I typically draw on card stock with a sharpie so my next experiment was on a little drawing I did of a plant. This was the magic for me. I like watercolor but when you use it on cardstock it's pretty much permanent but with this I used it straight and then when adding the different tones I was able to blend the colors on cardstock with a little water! Magical magicness! 

Do you use gouache? If you do show me your work! I want to see how others use this amazing paint. Just leave a link in the comments. 

Color my world happy! 

Xoxo Kim

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