Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wanna color with me?

I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that knows me that I have amassed a huge collection of drawings over my doodling career. I really want to do a coloring book for kids of ALL ages but in the meantime I have made the decision to give you the power to create a book of your very own through my digital downloads! I originally priced them at $3.50 at the advice of many of my friends who are awesome and know their stuff! But as I research I am discovering that if I do make a coloring book I would be paying someone else way more than I would be making on my images so I am going to offer these downloads directly to you at a competitive price! (Now just $1.50)

This means you purchase the download and upon payment can download the image to your computer immediately....hello instant gratification! You decide what kind of paper to print the image on and you can make multiple copies for your personal use! Um perfect gifts. So ok let's say you have a bunch of friends to give gifts to. You purchase 20 drawings at a cost of $30 total. If you print out 10 each that's essentially 200 coloring pages for $30 and the cost of ink! Imagine having a coloring and wine party....super fun! 

I will be adding new images as often as possible and I am still researching an actual book but in the meantime use your imagination and relieve some stress and COLOR! 

I printed off these today and I'm going to break out the crayolas! 

Have a beautiful day! 
Xoxo Kim

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