Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Crazy Busy Day.

My little wise lady collage>>>
So I had a crazy busy day today. Started with a little dity on the local radio station to try and get more local artists to donate chairs for our Chairs for Charity auction. We still need about 55 chairs to meet our goal of 100. I had breakfast with my buddy Heather and her real husband Chuck. I've known Heather for over a year now and today was the first time I've meet him. Went to the shop and did usual shop stuff until noon when I had to go to the dentist. I didn't love it but I got a good report card for my teeth and lots of free floss. So got back the the store and did a few more shop things and then I was visited by Geri who I met on etsy. She grew up in Chilton where my husband Glenn is from and they kinda knew each other. It's such a small big world. Anyhow her stuff is so so so super cool. Check out her etsy shop here. I think I'll use one of those super cool skirts as inspiration to drop a few pounds. I really hope her stuff sells well at Persimmons because she is swell.

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geriann said...

hey darlin'
thanks for the kind words - i think you're really swell too! hope your tomorrow is not quite as hectic. it was really good to meet you - hope we get together again soon (maybe one of your classes)!