Friday, June 22, 2007

Do my new shoes look like trouble to you?

Because my friend Annettee thinks they do. I am going out with my friends from high school tonight and decided to go out and actually get something to wear from a real store. So I found a really cute wrap dress that was way more than I normally spend but it is a real simple design that I can maybe bring to Grandma and have her make more for me with all this vintage fabric I've been hoarding. I found the shoes at Shopko/Payless for only 12.99! Plus it's BOGO time so I got a little pair of Keds for Molly too. It was kind of fun girly power shopping. I really never ever do it anymore because I don't see the point in spending so much money on clothes I just get full of paint and glue.
I just realized I totally forgot to post yesterday! I had a dentist appt. and it totally screwed up my day. There is a Lakeshore Lucky Ticket shopping extravaganza going on in town this weekend so I rearranged and cleaned up for the big sale. So far it's been good but with 40% off all vintage I am finding myself wanting to cry a little when I'm selling vintage tablecloths for $6. People are really getting some good deals! I went to Salvation Army this morning before opening and it's a little sad. Everything is now 75% off so I got a few books for 1.50. I will miss that store alot.

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David said...

Yes, those shoes do indeed look like trouble...and just the kind of trouble I like! I would suggest pairing them with a set of similarly patterned cat's-eyes sunglasses.