Thursday, July 5, 2007

I like Stumpjack.

I just finished this wall in the store. These are all my paintings. I like the punch of color that is the first thing you see when you come into the store. I sell my paintings for $25 to $100 each so they are super affordable just in case you need a fun painting. Again...I will ship.

So Premier Cafe next door is closed for the weekend. They went on vacation. Good for them bad for me. Luckily Glenn is not working today and he was so sweet and went ALL THE WAY to Two Rivers ( I joke because it is only about 5 miles away and people act like it is 32 miles away) to get my blended mocha from Stumpjack. Yummy. It cracks me up that in a recent readers poll in the local paper they only got 2nd for best coffee in Manitowoc County. Starbucks got #1 and Kwik Trip got #3. All in a name. By the way Persimmons was #3 for Art and Craft Store in that poll.

I am going to list some more of my charms on etsy today! I don't even care if I ever sell anything on etsy because I have met so many cool people on there that the networking alone is worth the tiny .20 listing fee I pay!


David said...

Kim...Your wisdom and superb taste in coffee (and coffee shops) is only surpassed by your charm and wit. You are obviously a woman of extremely high standards and possess a palate that is would be the envy of culinary royalty.

Now then, what is this thing you call "Stumpjack"? I, an unknowing and unawares java neophyte, must know of this coffee mecca...where, pray tell, might this fountain of heavenly libation be found? Please tell me (and everyone big, bold, capital letters).

Bob...yes, Bob...

karmadog said...

Awesome wall. LOVE (NOT "LIKE") your paintings!!!