Friday, July 6, 2007

My gocco is here my gocco is here!

My Gocco came in the mail today! I am so excited. Of course I am intimidated at the same time so it may be a few days before I actually attempt it. I have everything I need to get going! Watch for my fun stuff coming soon!
I am working on some slide glass pendants today. At St Vinnies this morning I found the most beautiful pieces of lace that had ugly stain spots and a few tears but there was a bag full for only $1 so I bought them. Never mind that I have 3 gigantic shelves of fabric and other notions but hey they were beautiful. When I look at those things I think of all that hard work that went into making tatted lace on pillowcases and needlework on crusty doilies and although those things are not really used anymore I want to think of new ways to use them. So I am making these pendants and should have some in my etsy shop soon!
This is going to be a fun weekend! My aunt and uncle Donna and Steve are having their big summer bash on Saturday. They live in the country and have lots of room for the hundred some people who come to play volleyball, hit a pinata, testicle toss, or yard dice. Of course some just sit and eat and drink beer which is always fun too! Then on Sunday I am going to Art Vs Craft in Milwaukee. It is my first time going but y friend Kate has a booth and has had one a couple of times now. It is similar to what we are hoping for the art fair for Sputnikfest so it will be a great day of research for me. I can't wait to meet so many people who I have come to know on etsy! Super excited about that.
So I may not post tomorrow but will report back on Monday and let everyone know all the juicy details of all that fun I am sure to have! Have a great weekend!


tina kugler said...

Let's have a Gocco party after Harry Potter! (or perhaps a little gocco-together)

Anonymous said...

Yay for Gocco! I love mine. Have fun with it!