Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Flowers, a plaid dress and birds.

I got some pretty flowers from my BFF Kate.
Found a plaid vintage dress in my size! That doesn't happen too often cuz I'm chubby.
And found a book with some cool birds I can't wait to make some ATC's (artist trading cards) with.

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David said...

Ok, you STILL have not emailed or called me to give me the poop on the trading cards thing. Listen, I don't have time to be emailing you and posting comments on your blog like this...don't you know that I'm far too busy lying around on the Stumpjack couch with my laptop continually at the ready so I can instantly reply to the next HTR forum attack on me and my place??? I mean come on! I have a reputation as an HTR forum hypocrite and incompetent businessperson to uphold to those folks!! Trading card info please!!!