Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

We finally decided to paint Molly's room like we promised her. It will take me a long time but this is the first part. She is slightly obsessed with mermaids right now so this is the most important part of the whole room. I drew the rest in chalk and will fill it in when I get a chance. It is so much fun painting on walls. I did work on a set for a play once but it was different this feels a little sassy. I could do this for a living...but won't.

We had a really good time at our Art and About new years bash at the lovely Heather's house. I have a lot of pictures but we take such sassy pictures this one was the most tame. Jo brought me a bunch of little silly things and for some reason we decided they would make nice nipple ornaments????!!!! Dorks. I love these people we have such goofy crazy fun together.


QuintessentiallyEnglish said...

wow i wish i had someone who could paint my room like that for me!

claudine hellmuth said...

love your mermaid painting! wonderful!