Sunday, November 14, 2010


Classes are back!
Come join me in the studio on Thursday nights for an evening of fun, art and friends. My art nights are 6pm to 8ish (or later) and all supplies are included in the fee. With Mojo coffee co next door now you can enjoy a tasty coffee or byo drinks! You must preregister at least one day in advance by giving me a call at 920-684-3006 or shooting me an email at

December 2nd....Paper Mache People (or dogs or cats or ...) $25
December 9th...Pun Intended Painting (as seen below) $25
December 16th...Pinwheel Crepe Paper Ornaments $25

All classes are going to be listed in the workshop tab at the top of this very blog! I promise a fun night of art, laughter and new friendships!

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Unknown said...

Why, oh why, do I have to live so far away?!!!?
Did you ever think about moving to Florida????